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Move Like A Champion

Move Like a Champion is an all new revolutionary training program designed for Ballroom and Latin dancers who want to better understand how the human skeleton works to produce beautiful and efficient dancing.

Created by top teacher Diane Jarmolow and Latin champion Kasia Kozak, this comprehensive 14-hour course teaches principles of dynamic alignment and functional movement that applies to all Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing. Avid amateur and professional dancers will benefit from this eye-opening instruction.

Take home all the revolutionary concepts from the Move Like a Champion workshop series now in book format. Written by world-class dance instructors Diane Jarmolow and Kasia Kozak with Brandee Selck, Move Like a Champion: The Power of Understanding How Your Body Works will give you valuable insight into the techniques and theories that produce championship-level dancers. Order today and unlock your full dance potential!

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  • By Diane Jarmolow & Kasia Kozak with Brandee Selck
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Customer Reviews

  • Pittsburgh, PA 5 Stars

    "I have used Move Like a Champion so much since being introduced to the material. I really believe you have revolutionized ballroom dancing" - Kent Berkey, DVIDA Regional Examiner and Dance Coach

  • Ypsilanti, MI 5 Stars

    "All 64 of these exercises are great tools to help you become a stronger and graceful dancer! Move Like a Champion has allowed me to be more creative in helping students apply the exercises to their dancing and we have a great time learning and growing together! The students seem to love "Knuckle Biter" and "Go Bowling". They were impressed at how quickly "Knuckle Biter" helped their posture and how "Go Bowling" creates a nice light connection with their partner.

    The "blowfish" exercise is one of the more challenging ones at first, so I love seeing the look on students' face when they feel air fill the sides and back of the ribs!"
    - Trish Stuckey, DVIDA Regional Examiner and Master Instructor of The Teachers Ballroom Dance College

  • Fresno, California 5 Stars

    This book is our (my wife and I) ticket to better dancing. I think this is the best book ever written about how to do ballroom dancing. I just finished this book. My wife and I are now going through it together a second time. My wife and I have taken weekly private and weekly group ballroom dance lessons for a year and a half. We have purchased 30 or so Dance Vison DVD's including 12 or so on ballroom dance techniques from Dance Vision. We obviously enjoy the videos, but we wish we had purchased this book first. Going through this book has opened up the HOW and WHY to do the basic techniques for smooth and rhythm ballroom dances. I guess my best analogy would be to look at a Swiss watch and trying to emulate it, as opposed to taking off the back and understanding how it works. Another analogy would be that previous lessons/videos are sort of done in a dark room, but this book brings TO LIGHT the basic ballroom dance techniques. This is not a theoretical book, it is VERY PRACTICAL. The 64 lessons have catchy titles that make can be memorized after you go through them twice.
    We know a fair amount of dance figures, but when I saw the DVD of our first showcase (my wife and I) I saw in living color that we had no style. We do not do the dance's with their character. We look stiff. So after being aware of this book for a year, I finally ponied up and bought it. It's not cheap, but really, it costs about as much as one of our weekly private lessons. They start with the feet and go through the spine to the head. Then out to the ribs, arms, and hands. Names in "quotes" are the names of the exercises. The thing I like best about the book is an opportunity to work on, and change, one thing at a time. In actuality, working on one thing at a time is all a dancer can do.

    Feet. I have trouble with balance - who knew "Guitar String Feet" and "Grow a Shoe Size" could help with that. OK, I also learned I couldn't do some of the feet exercises, so I am taking a detour to strengthen my metatarsal arches before continuing.

    Knees. I have been told again and again to lean forward before stepping forward in Latin Dances. Couldn't do it. Who knew "Knee on a String" would provide the easy answers. And "Tony Heelney" is helping me with the Samba bounce.

    Hips. I've been told over and over to turn out the feet in Latin Dances. Really turn out the feet, more advanced teachers would say. Hard for me to do, in fact they told me what to do, but never explained how to do it. Who knew "Heel Compass" would give an easy solution to turnout. And the Figure 8. I have 3 DVD's that teach latin motion. I can do it in sloooow motion, but never to music speed. Well I learned in "Inside Out Eights" how to do a more compact Figure Eight motion that is easier to do at actual dance music speeds. I'm still not done with the book, but I believe this book will be my ticket to dancing with some style.

    Back. Starting the back exercises today. Many times we have had a couple of our teachers tell us to stretch out our back. They don't like our posture. I just couldn't do it. Even one of them said it was just imaginary. But in "Grow your spine two Inches" I did just that - for the first time. OK, not two inches, but a little taller, and my back feels so amazing.

    Finally put all these things together by books end and really learned how to do very nice looking smooth and latin walks.
    Regards, Dave

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