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Student subscriptions give ballroom dance students the
extra help they need to improve.

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Supplement In-Person Learning

Videos help you learn new figures, reference back to something you learned in a lesson or class, and brush up on your technique.

Videos for Every Dance Style ​

5,000+ videos cover figures, variations and techniques for every ballroom dance style: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Ballroom, International Latin, Argentine Tango, Country Western, and more.

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Helping ballroom dance teachers
successfully educate others.

Teacher subscriptions give ballroom dance teachers access to
reference materials and career-maximizing opportunities.

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Billing begins after 7 days for $199/year.

Reference Videos for Teaching ​

5,000+ videos cover every ballroom dance style. Refresh your memory on figures and variations before lessons, learn and maintain proper technique, and inspire new ideas into your teaching.

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Subscriptions for Teaching Staff

Give employees access to videos in order to learn Dance Vision Syllabus figures, refresh material before lessons, establish and maintain proper technique, and gather new ideas.

Open up the pathway for employees to become professionally certified and establish greater credibility with students.

Unlimited Medal Testing

Gives you the opportunity to increase revenues and student lifetime at your studio.

Allows structured testing through the Dance Vision Syllabus, giving students a framework of learning and achievement.

Save time as tests already come with custom certificates and mementos to reward your students.

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We’ve brought back the special opportunity to be listed as an authorized user of the Dance Vision Syllabus.

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