International Latin Jive Bronze Variations

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Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak

These variation videos are a must to spice up your dancing. Before purchasing a variation video, we strongly suggest that you have a firm understanding of the steps and terminology through that level.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 77 minutes.


DVD Track List

Introduction to Basic Jive Techniques

1) Fallaway Throwaway
A) Ladies Reverse Turn, B) Overturned with Man Going Back, C) Second Triple Overturned for Man and Woman.

2) Link Rock
A) Over Man?s Head with and without a Triple.

3) Change of Place Right to Left and Left to Right
A) Flick Actions, B) Double Underarm Turn, C) With a Free Spin.

4) Change of Hands Behind the Back
A) Ladies Free Spin with Whip Timing, B) Ladies & Man?s Free Spin with Whip Timing, C) Ladies Free Spin with Triple Timing.

5) American Spin
A) With Flicks, B) Left to Right Hand Hold & Shoulder Spin, C) American Spin Off Man?s Back.

6) The Walks
A) Progressive Single Count Walks, B) Man?s Chassé to the Side.

7) The Whip
A) Outside Turn and Outside Turn with an Arm Bar, B) Inside Turn

8) Dance Demonstration


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