Argentine Tango Package

$4.99 / month

The DVIDA Argentine Tango program is much more advanced and includes cutting edge elements of the dance reflecting changes that have taken place in Argentine Tango since the original syllabus produced in 2004.



The DVIDA Argentine Tango program  includes an in-depth understanding of musicality for Tango and Vals with each figures being designed for 2 phrases of 2 particular Tango or Vals songs. The 2 songs include the song used on the video by contemporary musicians and the other song is a suggestion from the Gold Era of Tango such as songs by the Carlos Di Sarli Orchestra.

The program ultimately leads dancers to be able to improvise the elements practiced in the figures. The videos provide demos of the elements from every 2, 3 or 4 figures improvised. All in all, this program is very complete guiding the dancers thru the basic elements of Bronze all the way to the most advanced and innovative elements of Platinum. Dancers who follow the complete program will have a full understanding of the technique for a wide range of elements such as Ochos, Molinetes, Sacadas, Paradas, Ganchos, Enganches, Volcadas and Colgadas, a clear understanding of the musicality of Tango and Vals, and a vision how to improvise these elements with the music for a truly authentic Argentine Tango.


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