American Rhythm Bronze Mambo Variations

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Felipe Telona, Jr. & Carolina Orlovsky-Telona

Approximately 119 minutes

Produced by Dance Vision 2007

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Introduction to Mambo Basics
1. Basic
A) Close Switch
B) Progressive
C) Open Break to Forward Break
2. Look, Shimmy, Comb
3. Fifth Position Breaks
A) Underarm Turn Ending
B) Promenade Ending
4. Right Turn
A) Switch Turn
B) With Preparation for Multiple Turns
5. Cross Body Lead
A) Knee Lift
B) Cross Flick
Demonstration – Figures 1-5

6. Open Rock to Back Rock Basic
7. Crossover with a Twist
8. Right Side Pass
9. The Cuddle
10. Peek A Boo with Side Break
11. Lady’s Right Turn with Man?s Behind the Back Hand Change
Demonstration – Figures 6-11



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