Wiley Hicks Simpson

Wiley is well known across the country as a ?man for all reasons? in any arena, whether in the capacity of teacher, crowd motivator, choreographer and, of course, as a professional dancer and actor.

Using the stage name Wiley Hicks, he took the country by storm during both of the historic nationwide ?Urban Cowboy? crazes via television appearances, dance videos (over four million sold worldwide to date), stage, nationwide seminars and by ?head-lining? in many of the largest nightclubs in America. It is rumored that with his southern charm, sometimes irreverent sense of humor, keen wit and limitless dance expertise, Wiley may have taught more people how to dance than anyone else in the industry. After more than twenty-five years of teaching the world how to dance, he still loves it and he?s real, real good at it!

The acquisition of his many titles and awards began at the age of four with formal training in jazz, tap and ballet. Ballroom and Latin training started at the age of seven. Growing up in Amarillo, Texas, he learned Country & Western dancing in due course as it just came with the territory! His dance education continued on through his teens and he was well on his way to ?dancing his way through life? all over the world. The majority of his training placed him in the care of some our eras most eminent dance and drama coaches from all over the globe, which also accounts for his exceptional skills as a choreographer.

Wiley has pursued his personal passions in life, while never taking his eyes off of his performance goals. He?s an advanced grade sky diver and an expert marksman/weapons handler (he?s a U. S. Army Airborne RANGER!), comeptitive slalom water skier, trained gourmet chef, martial artist (18 years), skilled horeseman and ex-rodeo cowboy, builds 100+ m.p.h. race boats in his garage and he writes beautiful poetry which there are plans to publish soon.

In July of 1980, with his extraordinary dance style and the ability to instantly read a crowd, Wiley put his first California audience in the palm of his hand on the stage of the largest clubs in America. It began at ?THE COWBOY? in Anaheim, California, but because of his tremendous popularity, Wiley quickly moved through the Southland performing, teaching and building dance programs in the most prominent nightclubs in California, and over time, across the country

Why is Wiley so successful when there are so many that claim to do what he does? The answer is simple ? He?s Wiley and they?re not!. Jeff Hathcock, who directed Wiley in his first acting roll in a feature film, said: ?I?ve been watching Wiley ?BE Wiley? for several years now and I still don?t understand how he does what he does. But if I didn?t know better, I?d swear he was an honor graduate from the Jim Jones school of crowd control! And He has a ball doing it, which makes him a joy to work with. He?s really in his element under the bright lights and he loves cameras! Wiley is a natural born actor! And ?wow? is Michele hot! How is it that he always gets all the good looking babe?s for dance partners??

One of the greatest compliments an entertainer could ever receive is to be copied by ?wanna-be?s?. Over the past twenty-five years many have tried; none have succeeded! After all, ?A MAN FOR ALL REASONS? is a tough act to follow!