Hope Jackson

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There is something magical about being able to transform and adapt while remaining true to yourself. I began gymnastics as a 5 year old in Washington state. I moved to Utah for better training opportunities when i was 12. In that time I learned so much about my personal strength and developed a passion for focus.

My life evolved and so did my work ethic. Now I am a professional Latin dancer living in SoCal. I have been dancing for 25 years. Dance has been a journey and provided me with abundant opportunities. I auditioned and performed on SYTYCD two times, I performed on DWTS twice as well. I’ve had the pleasure of working on set for the Hallmark Channel in the movie ‘My Christmas Kiss’ and in a commercial for Marriott Hotels. I have danced on numerous stages, some in front of thousands of people. I have competed all over the world in places like the U.K., Japan and Amsterdam.

I have worked as a model and performer. I also opened, owned and operated my own dance studio in Utah, Jackson Dancesport, for two years before selling that business and moving to California.
I am brand ambassador for Aida Dance Shoes and work as an instructor for the prestigious Dance Vision. I also coach, choreograph, compete and judge.

My makeup career started as I watched my first miss USA pageant and has turned into a passion of mine as well as a self taught profession over the span of my life.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication/PR from Utah Valley University and enjoy writing and reading. I am married to the love of my life and have a beautiful son. I love to drink whiskey and travel. My favorite color is yellow and my goal is to experience world peace in my lifetime.


This instructor is associated with the following workout:

Dancer Tone & Tighten Series