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Dance Vision
National Championships Workshops

December 2, 2022

  • Professional Workshops are open to Certified Dance Vision Instructors & Examiners.
  • Student/Amateur Workshops are open to everyone, no membership required.
  • Classes are free if registered to compete at Dance Vision National Championships.
  • Classes are $35 each if you are not registered to compete at Dance Vision National Championships.
  • 9-9:45AM  |  Professional Meetings   
  • 10:00AM  |  Michael Mead & Toni Redpath  |  The Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus
  • 11:00AM Nazar Norov  |  The Dance Vision Rhythm Syllabus
  • 12:00PM  |  Peter Perzhu  |  Communication and the Basic Principles of 3 W’s: What? Where? When? (Smooth Technique) 
  • 12:00PM  |  David Elkin  |  We Are Better Together: Partners for Success (Business Meeting)
  • 1:00PM  |   Ilya Rezin  |  Let’s Talk About that Standing Leg (Rhythm Technique)
  • 1:00PM  |  Babette Brown & Esther Frances  |  TBD (Business Meeting)
  • 2:00PM  |  Heather Smith  |  How to Increase Flexibility, Freedom, and Space in Your Movement (Ballroom Technique)
  • 2:00PM  |  John DePalma  |   TBD (Business Meeting)
  • 3:00PM  |  Donald Johnson  |   Your Driving Force: Using Your Center as an Engine (Latin Technique)
  • 4:00PM  |  Lori Woods-Gay  |  Dance Vision Professional Exams
  • 5:00PM  |  Slawek Sochacki & Marzena Stachura  |  TBD (Smooth Technique)
  • 10:00AM Nazar Norov  |  The Dance Vision Rhythm Syllabus
  • 11:00AM  |  Michael Mead & Toni Redpath  |  The Dance Vision Smooth Syllabus
  • 12:00PM  |  Donald Johnson  |  Developing Your Musicality With Weight Change (Latin Technique) 
  • 1:00PM  |  Timothy & Michelle Mason  | TBD (Ballroom Technique)
  • 2:00PM  |  Ilya Reyzin  |  Movement versus Positions (Rhythm Technique)
  • 3:00PM  |  Slawek Sochacki & Marzena Stachura  |   TBD (Smooth Technique)
  • 4:00PM  |  Nazar Norov  | Using Your Arms to Tell a Story: How to use Your Arms and Hands to Express Yourself in Figures (Rhythm Technique)
  • 5:00PM  |  Peter Perzhu  |  TBD (Smooth Technique)