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Dance Vision is a world leader in ballroom dance education.


Learn new ballroom dance figures, refresh your memory on a dance, and enhance your technique with our selection of 5,000+ videos.


Refer back to figures, variations, and techniques for teaching, plus gather new ideas to implement into your own dancing. In addition, our 5,000+ videos will have you always prepared to educate others.


Since 1992, thousands of ballroom studios have used the Dance Vision Syllabus to educate their students. Contact us today to start taking advantage of our exclusive discounts.


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High Quality Dance Instruction

Our videos feature champion and top-notch dance instructors. Above all, we value communication, passion, and quality education in our lessons.

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Our ballroom dance curriculum will teach you step-by-step. First, we’ll take you through Bronze, Silver and Gold figures. Then, we’ll show you how to piece those figures together to make combinations. Lastly, we’ll teach you how to add technique to it all.

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Improve Your Dance Skills

Referencing our ballroom dance videos make in-person classes even better. For instance, use them to practice at home. Additionally, you can coordinate with your teacher or student to review materials in advance before your next class.
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