Surprise Retirement: Max Sinista & Tatiana Seliverstova

This past weekend at the New York Dance Festival, 3x world Smooth finalist, USA Smooth vice champion
& 2x Blackpool American Smooth bronze medalist Tatiana Seliverstova and Max Sinitsa bid farewell to competition.

Thank you for your contribution to the dance community. We wish you the best on on the next step of your dance journey. Congratulations, Max and Tatiana, on your retirement. – Your Dance Vision Family

Below is the retirement letter read at NYDF and posted to their social media.

Dear Friends,

Our career has truly been a remarkable journey.  The driving force behind our dancing has always been the passion for this art, and to be able to share that with all of you is our ultimate reward. So today, we would like to humbly say thank you to this wonderful industry and to all of you who were there with us from the very beginning.
There have been many people in our lives who helped us pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. Our parents, our teachers and our friends. To all of you we are eternally grateful for your love, guidance and support. We are also grateful to our competitors who have always challenged us and gave us the motivation to become better tomorrow than we were yesterday.
Our competitive careers have been full of ups and downs as anything else in life but what we truly believe is that risks must be taken and challenges should be met with utmost enthusiasm and creativity. The American Smooth style has only begun to reach its true potential and being part of that process has been a satisfying and humbling experience.
Even though today we hang up our competitive shoes, we are extremely excited about what the future holds for us.
Ballroom dancing is about two people striving to create something together, that is greater than what either one of them could ever do alone. And we promise to use our passion and talents to push our beloved Smooth beyond heights anyone could imagine.
Today, we are not saying good bye, instead we are simply turning the page to a new chapter in our lives. We are all responsible for the next generation in one way or another and we sincerely hope that the dancers of the future continue to evolve even further than we did… “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”
With love,
Max & Tatiana

Nazar and Irina’s Last Dance

At the 41st Ohio Star Ball, Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova announced their retirement from competitive dancing.  They are 3 time United States and 3 time World reigning and undefeated Open American Rhythm Champions.

Below is the retirement letter that was read at the Battelle Brand Ballroom during the Ohio Star Ball.

Dear friends,

It is never easy to say goodbye to something, that was a part of our lives for so many years, and what we love so much.
Our journey together, started 17 years ago in a little town in Siberia, Russia and little did we know, what a journey that would be.
After over 26 years of competing, tonight, we are saying goodbye to the amazing world of professional dancing. But before we do, we would like to thank so many people, that helped us in so many ways to achieve, what we ourselves have never dreamed of.
Our gratitude goes to our parents and families, who gave everything and sacrificed so much, so we could dance
Our first teachers during first 15 years of our dancing and our mentors for life – Vladimir Murashov and Lyudmila Murashov for not only giving us the love of dance, but teaching us the loyalty, importance of being part of the Team and work ethics.
James Clemens and Tammy Clemens for giving us an opportunity to work in the United States
Lori Foehr for welcoming us to the Dancelife family and giving us a chance to become studio owners
All Our students, present and past for adjusting their schedules to accommodate our crazy ones
Our fans and fellow competitors for always pushing us to be better than yesterday
Brent Thomas Mills and Ballroom Playlist for always amazing and inspiring music
Alex Rowan and Dancesport Photography and Mary Tweeddale for memories, that will be forever with us
Peter and Cassandra Valeria Schneider and Dance America for the best shoes and practice wear we could ask for
Boyko for Irina’s impeccable look
Benito Garcia of Coreganize 360 for keeping our bodies and minds ready for the challenge
Tatiana Ouellette of Anabell’s Dancewear and Bella Kogan of Dress for Dance for Nazar’s costumes
And Dawn Smart of Dore Designs, who welcomed us to the Team ten years ago and was by our side all these years
The coaches, who helped to shape us into the dancers and teachers we are today:
Sam Sodano, Loraine Barry, Tonja Garamella, Judi Hatton, Paul Holmes, Paul Killick, Ieva Pauksena, Вячеслав Трубачев, Igor Ugay and Tatiana Ugay
And of course, our Dream Team – the core group, that every dancer should find – the Team that will guide you, inspire you, bring you down to earth, when you feel too high and lift you up after painful defeats. Each one of you hold a special place in our hearts and we can not thank you more for being in our lives.
Michael Chapman for creating our show program
“Yoda” Eugene Katsevman for sharing your sense of musicality and understanding of the movement
“Babaganoush” Ilya Ifraimov for creating unforgettable characters for our winning Ohio showdances
“Gumada” Marianne Nicole-DePalma for making sure our clock is working and the eye is closed?
“Dance Mom” Shirley Ballas for letting us be ourselves and going along with our crazy ideas, while never compromising the quality of movement
And “Daddy” Rufus Dustin for believing in us from very beginning and being there for us for the last 10 years through thick and thin.
The switch to American Rhythm 6 years ago was the best decision we have ever made and we thank everyone, who supported us in this journey.
We sincerely hope that those who will come after us will cherish and respect American Rhythm the way we do.
Ladies and gentlemen. Every journey has its beginning and the end. Our journey as professional competitors ends tonight, on this floor, under these lights. We could not think of a better way to go. Thank you

Your 3 -time United States and 3 time World reigning and undefeated Open American Rhythm Champions

Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova