Balance & Positivity with Dance Vision CEO Wayne Eng

New episode of ‘Ikaika Dowsett The Frame Work Podcast with CEO of Dancevision, Wayne Eng.

“We all need to have balance in our life, balance means different to each person. Everyone needs to have some outlet…What is your outlet? What do you do on your downtime? Create Balance and Time for yourself everyday”

Wayne Eng is CEO of Dancevision, Director of the United States Dance Championships, and Organizer of the Emerald Ball.

Ikaika and Wayne discuss his early life, the transition of switching out of competitive life, starting a family. They also discuss how

he got into different areas of the dance business, and clears up some of the dramatic history of the professional titles in the US.

Listen to the full podcast here.


On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, Aimée Méndez & Jose Tolentino sit down with Nazar Norov during the 30th Anniversary of Emerald Ball. Nazar Norov reveals the pressures of competitive dancing in a transparent and honest way and stresses that even though communication is challenging, it is key.

Watch the full interview below on Dance Teachers Academy’s You Tube below!

Conversations With Wayne Eng Podcast: JUDGING A PRO-AM COMPETITION

Our 8th Podcast episode of Conversations With Wayne Eng.
Wayne interviews Babette Brown as they share what they look for when judging a Pro-Am competition, pet peeves and the idea of showing your development & consistency as you compete on the floor.

Stay tuned for episode 9!

John DePalma “The Voice of Ballroom” Interview with Dance Teachers Academy

On this latest episode of Dance Teachers Academy, José and Aimée interview the unmistakable voice of the Master of Ceremonies John DePalma. The sound of his engaging voice has been an important part of the dancesport experience. There is no denying why he is known as the “Voice of Ballroom Dancing.”

During the interview, they also explore all the “backstage” challenges of a dance competition and discuss his upcoming dance competition Capital Dancesport Championships August 21-24th, 2019 at Hilton at Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

Work Worth Doing

“Far and way the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

One of our favorite things about this interview is the emphasis that Forrest Vance has on positivity. Positivity allows you to view yourself with potential. It’s a form of visualization. You see yourself having a chance at success.

Of course, positive thinking does not come easily to most people. For most, it’s the opposite of their instinct. It is so easy, particularly as a new dancer, to become overwhelmed and want to quit. So how does one change a mindset from a negative to a positive way of thinking?

There’s never one answer that works for everyone, of course. One thing that successful people have in common is to work with pleasure toward their goals. Realize that what you want to do is worthwhile, important, and fun, and that it will continue even if you do not continue with it. Furthermore, by studying it, you become even more worthwhile, important, and fun (well, more so than you already are!).

This is not meant to discourage. In fact, it should urge you to chase after what you want before it slips from your fingers! There is so much to learn, so many techniques, so many people who love dancing just as much as you do. What good does it do anyone to stop before you even begin?

Do you allow dancing to encourage or discourage you? Do you feel like you’re getting a chance to be part of something you love, getting a chance to be good at something fulfilling?