The word Salsa means sauce, denoting a "hot" flavor, and is best distinguished from other Latin music styles by defining it as the New York sound developed by Puerto Rican musicians in New York. The dance structure is largely associated with Mambo type patterns and has a particular feling that is associated mainly with the Calave and the Montuno.

Salsa Syllabus

  Bronze I Time Price  
  Introduction to Timing 0:00  
  Introduction to Styling: L.A., New York, Miami, Puerto Rican, Cuban 0:00  
  Introduction to Basic's: Forward & Back Basic, Back Breaks, Side Breaks, Cross Body Lead 0:00  
  Introduction to Turns: Basic Right Turn, Basic Left Turn, Broken Left Turn, 1/2 Broken Left Turn, Ladies Pivot Turn, Man's Hook Turn 0:00  
  1A Underarm Turns Right: Basic with Ladies Right Turn 0:00  
  1B Underarm Turns Right: Basic with Man's Right Turn - I. Over Head, II. Hand Change Behind the Back, III. Off the Shoulder 0:00  
  2A Underarm Turns: Basic with Ladies Broken Left 0:00  
  2B Underarm Turns: Basic with Man's Broken Left, I. Over Head, II. Hand Change Behind the Back, III. Off the Shoulder, IV. With Styling (Free spin with Snake) 0:00  
  3A Underarm Turns Left: Back Breaks with Ladies Left Turn 0:00  
  3B Underarm Turns Left: Back Breaks with Man's Left Turn 0:00  
  Bronze II Time Price  
  4 Cross Body Lead: A. In Closed Position, B. Two Hand Hold, C. In Handshake Hold, D. Waist Hold 0:00  
  5 Cross Body Lead with Ladies Inside Turn: A. Normal Hold, B. Shoulder Lead, C. Waist Hold 0:00  
  6 Catch the Back or Two Way Underarm: A. Normal with Right or Left Turn Ending, B. With Arm Styling 0:00  
  7 Back Spot Turn: A. 1 Measure, B. Open & Closed, C. Ending with Check and Cross Body Lead 0:00  
  Bronze III Time Price  
  8 Cross Body Lead - Open Break to Shoulder Turn 0:00  
  9 She Goes-He Goes-She Goes 0:00  
  10 Back Pass 0:00  
  11 The Spiral 0:00  
  Full Bronze Time Price  
  12 Back Roll 0:00  
  13 Drop Hand Catch 0:00  
  14 Ladies Left to Man's Right Turn 0:00  
  15 Social Step 0:00  
  Dance Demonstration 0:00  
  Intermediate Silver Time Price  
  Introduction 0:00  
  1 Overturned Cross Body Lead 0:00  
  2 The Cross Body Lead Waltz 0:00  
  3 Cross Body Lead with Options: A. Man Turning Right, B. Man Turning Left, C. Lady Turning Right with Arm Styling 0:00  
  4 Copa or In and Out: A. Single & Double Turn, B. Handshake Hold & Two Hand Hold 0:00  
  5 Cross Body Lead to Double Right Turn 0:00  
  6 Cross Body Lead to Touch and Go 0:00  
  7 Cross Body Lead to Inside Double Turn 0:00  
  Full Silver Time Price  
  8 Titanic or Crucifix 0:00  
  9 Back to Back Turn 0:00  
  10 The Ballerina 0:00  
  11 Behind the Back Turn 0:00  
  12 Catch the Back Variation 0:00  
  13 Special Social Step 0:00  
  14 Cross Body Adventure 0:00  
  15 Cross Body Great Adventure 0:00  
  Dance Demonstration 0:00  
  Intermediate Gold Time Price  
  1 Copa with Man's Hammerlock 0:00  
  2 Copa Back to Back 0:00  
  3 Copa to Belly Wrap 0:00  
  4 The Wrap with Zig Zag 0:00  
  5 Copa to Double Hammerlock 0:00  
  Full Gold Time Price  
  6 Triple Turn 0:00  
  7 The Quad Turn 0:00  
  8 Back Spot with Back Roll 0:00  
  9A Cross Body Lead with Reverse to Ladies Hammerlock 0:00  
  9B Cross Body Lead to Ladies Triple Turn Hammerlock 0:00  
  10 Hand Flick 0:00  
  Dance Demonstration 0:00