The Professional Guide To Profitable Dance Instruction

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The Professional Guide To Profitable Dance Instruction

This outstanding 237 page manual offers solutions to the critical issues facing every dance studio. Written by top dance studio management experts Diane Jarmolow and John DePalma. If you need additional information, call Wayne Eng 1-800-851-2813 or email to

Wouldn't it be better to spend a little now, instead of a lot more later?
This guide could save you money in the long run.

Dear Success-Minded Entrepreneur,

Never has there been so much information about running a ballroom dance studio contained in one concise, easy-to-understand guide.

Before opening a ballroom dance studio you might decide to hire a consultant. When people are considering a business consultation, rarely do they realize the costs involved, such as airfare, hotel room, meals, etc. plus the cost of an 8-hour day at approximately $800 each. To get all the information contained in this guide from a consultant would take a week and cost you thousands of dollars.

Of course, you could decide to open your studio, make some mistakes along the way and learn as you go. This approach could end up costing you more than a professional consultant.

Over the past several years I have had numerous studio owners ask for my advice. After listening to their concerns and helping them to sort out various issues in their organizations, I could only wish they had thought to call me before opening.

I highly advise anyone who is thinking about opening up a dance studio to invest in this guide. It will save you time and money. Please call 800-851-2813 for pricing and ask for Wayne Eng.

Section Title

1. Owners Vision And Mission Statement
Stabilize Your Studio

2. Studio Models
The Private Lesson Studio
The Large Group Class Studio
The Competition Studio
The Hall Rental Studio
Writing A Business Plan For Your Dance Studio: A Hands-On Approach
How To Analyze Your Studio?s Pricing Structure: Are You Shooting Yourself
in Your Own Foot?
How To Make Excellent Business Decisions: A Six Hat Model For Ballroom Dance Studios

3. Employees: The Cycle Of Life At Your Studio

4. Staffing Your Studio

Executive Director/Owner
Director Of Marketing And Programs
Customer Service Manager
Administrative Assistant
Human Resources Manager
Graphic Designer
Associate Director
Front Desk Customer Service
Maintenance And Facilities Director
Marketing Assistant
Outside Events Coordinator
Housekeeping Staff
Weekend Manager
Director's Assistant
Professional Dance Instructor
The Staff Meeting

5. Special Considerations for Professional Instructors:
Basic Training Class Format
Being A Great Teacher
Developing Your Teaching Staff
How to Develop and Retain Extraordinary Dance Teachers
Pay Structure for Teachers
Professional Certification: Your Studio's Road To Success

6. Amazing Customer Service: It?s the Little Things That Count
Turn-Offs For Ballroom Dance Students: How to Avoid These Common Mistakes

7. General Guidelines For Marketing Your Studio
Marketing That Works: What To Do And How To Do It
Marketing: The Neglected Key to Success
Telephone Marketing
Prospective Client Information Brochure

8. DVIDA Student Medal Program
Developing Your Students Using The DVIDA Medal System
Benefits Of A Medal Program
How To Run An Outstanding Medal Program
FAQ?s For Studio Owners
Contact List Of DVIDA Examiners
Checklist For Medal Exam Preperation
Checklist For The Day Of The Exams
The Responsibility Of The Dance Instructor
Student Information And FAQ's
Sample Exam Form
Sample Award Certificate
Types Of Medal Examinations
DVIDA Syllabus Level Chart
Studio Parties
A Spectacular Showcase for Your Studio

9. Private Lesson Programs
Teaching Private Lessons
The First Private Lesson

10. DVIDA Group Class Program
Why Teach Group Classes?
How to Teach an Outstanding Group Class
How to Build a Dynamic Group Class Program
American Style Bronze Group Class Smooth & Rhythm Manual

11. Policies That Work for Staff and Students
Sticky Situations
Sample Employee Handbook: Table of Contents
24 Hour Cancellation Agreement
Dress For Work Policy
Floor Rental Policy
Professional Practice Policy
Compensation Policy
Dance Teacher Promotion
Refund & Cancellation Policy
Conflict of Interest/Non-Compete
Time Off Policy

12. Resource Articles
The Daily Practice Of Leadership: Who Are You Being And What Are You Growing?
Tips for Time Management
What is a Dance Professional?
How to Keep Students Dancing
The Studio Manager
Ten Guidelines to Good Listening
How Do New Students Find Their Way into Your Studio?

13. Studio Supplies & Essentials: Sample Forms
Administrative Payroll
Ballroom Event Planning
Celebrity Lessons
Evaluation By Manager
Event Project Worksheet
Event Ticket Sales
Exit Interview
Floor Rental Agreement
Floor Rental Application
Gift Certificate Tracking
Group Class Registration
Key Agreement
Public Practice Policies & Procedures
Student Payment Record

  • "The Professional Guide to Profitable Dance Instruction", written by top dance studio management experts.
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Customer Reviews

  • Spokane, WA / usa 5 Stars

    This book is incredible! Just open the page on teaching a group class and read it and you will be inspired again just like when you first started teaching. This book is worth its weight in gold (and it is heavy) to anyone who is starting a dance studio or as a reference manual to remember all the little things you should be doing. I have paid more for one weekend of dance studio business training than what I paid for this class. The major difference is that I dont remember everything I paid for before. But with this book.. I can read it over and over.

    I have owned a dance studio for 12 years. I wish there had been a book like this when I first started. If only ONE of these ideas brings me only ONE new student or keeps a student in my studio longer... it will have paid for itself.

    I recommend this book to anyone. If you are new at the business... no need to recreate the wheel. If you have been in the business for a while.. it will help make your wheel more streamlined.

    Thank you Dance Vision!

  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 5 Stars


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The Professional Guide To Profitable Dance Instruction
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