New DVIDA Platinum
Argentine Tango Syllabus

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Argentine Tango Syllabus

Produced by Dance Vision 2014. Approximately 112 minutes.

The Platinum Argentine Tango takes the level up a notch and includes more creative figures. The figures in Platinum are not necessarily more difficult than Gold, but the combinations are more creative and inventive making them more challenging.

  • Christy Cote' & George Garcia
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Individual Steps

  # Title Time Price  
  Introduction to Music 6:21 $1.99
  46 Revolving Forward Ochos to Sacada Exchange 7:19 $2.99
  47 Alteration & Forward to Reverse Volcada 5:30 $2.99
  48 Leader's Gancho & Revolving Back Ochos 6:32 $2.99
  49 Enrosque/Lapiz / Back Sacada & Cunita 7:44 $2.99
  Demonstration of Figures 46 - 49 2:52 $0.99
  50 Follower's Back Sacada to Molinete Right & Alteration 6:35 $2.99
  51 Media Vuelta, Molinete & Corrida Combination 6:17 $2.99
  Demonstration of Figures 50 - 51 1:35 $0.99
  52 Alterations with Overturned Forward Ochos with Sacadas 7:46 $3.99
  53 Gancho / Sacada, Sacada Exchange & Corridato Back Volcada 9:05 $3.99
  54 Molinete Left with Patada to Parada and Leader's Enganche 6:41 $3.99
  Demonstration of Figures 52-54 1:42 $0.99
  55 Volcada & Enganche Combination for Vals 8:25 $3.99
  56 Molinetes & Milonguero Dips Vals 6:05 $3.99
  Demonstration of Figures 55 - 56 1:56 $0.99
  57 Moliente Left with Triple Sacadas & Colgada 7:01 $4.99
  58 Short Trajectory Boleo, Colgadas & Barrida 7:59 $4.99
  59 Re-Volcada & Induced Barrida 8:04 $4.99
  60 Colgadas & Back Volcada 5:47 $4.99
  Demonstration of Figures 57 - 60 3:04 $0.99