What are Syllabi Videos?

Syllabi videos teach standardized steps (also known as figures) that, together with other patterns, constitute the dance. They are generally split into 3 levels - Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate), Silver (Advanced I) and Gold (Advanced II).

What are Variation Videos?

Variations are a different way of grouping or mixing steps. These videos contain advanced open patterns, enhanced with additional elements, intended to help you take your dancing to a new level, and are excellent for social dancing as well as showcase and competition routines.

Variation videos will not review the basic patterns since it is assumed that they are already known.

What are Technique Videos?

Learning a pattern is just the beginning. To be a good dancer you must learn sound basic techniques. Dance Vision technique videos will teach you proper foot work, dance positions, connections between partners, body shaping, hip actions, arm styling and many other elements that make you feel and look better when dancing the steps.

What are Manuals?

DVIDA Manuals contain photographs, an introductory dictionary of dance terminology, and fully notated charts for each step, including amount of turn, timing, footwork, foot positions, sway, CBM, and more for both the leaders and the followers parts.

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