Ron Montez – Professional Latin Champion

On Episode 34 of the Legends series, José and Aimée of Dance Teachers Academy sat down with one of the most respected personalities in the dance business, Mr. Ron Montez.  Ron shares a heartwarming nod to his first dance teacher, Nancy Elliot.  He also expresses great appreciation for his dance partner Liz Curtis.  He speaks of the skill it takes to develop analytical powers to help dancers achieve a good look. Ron shares how teaching dancing is an unique profession that combines relating physical skills components and elements to create magic on the dance floor.  It’s a great show, so don’t miss out!

Ron’s Early Days

They began the episode talking about how Ron Montez  started off DJing parties for his sister.  She was an instructor for Arthur Murray.  Ron was a little undecided what to do with his life after high school, so he took his sister’s suggestion and enrolled in a 6 week teacher training course.  There was a lack of male instructors at his studio, so he quickly had to learn how to do a lot of things.  He immersed himself in teaching & choreography and learned what he could from the dance directors.

Ron was introduced to competitive dance when a professional couple visited his studio.  He was blown away by what he had seen.  He spoke with them and this is what they had to say

“Find a partner, you have to seek out training, and then compete, in that order”.

Websites & Social Links

If you are interested in DVIDA Certification, Ron is a Master Examiner.  He can test in all styles and levels of dance.

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