Pursuing other Passions Post Retirement

On this episode of Dance Teachers Academy, Aimée Méndez & Jose Tolentino sit down with Justinas Duknauskas during the 30th Anniversary of Emerald Ball. Justinas shares his pursuit of other passions post retirement. Organizing Crown Cup International Dance Competitions around the world with his family, in Lithuania, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Indonesia & Spain. In addition to organizing the Dance Vision Awards with Partner, Karina Smirnoff. He also shares that he feels that he did not retire at his best and his biggest advice for others before they choose to retire is…

“Be at your peak when you choose to retire.”

-Justinas Duknauskas

They also discuss the many opportunities that now exist in the Ballroom Industry, post retirement. From teaching, performing, judging, hosting events and so much more. Watch the full video below to hear more!