Silver Dips, Drops & Tricks for all Styles of Dancing

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Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow

Learn the exciting skills of Dips, Drops & Lifts, and use them with your favorite dance style. Taught by World Cabaret & Hustle Champions Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow, these easy, step-by-step instructions will help you master the figures quickly. These elements will add “Wow” to your dancing.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 41 minutes.


DVD Track List

1) Basic Hip Lift Double Hand Hold
2) Basic Hip Lift Single Hand Hold
3) Tour Jeté Throw
4) Fish Lift
5) Attitude Lift
6) Jeté Lift
7) Circular Jeté Lift
8) Cuddle to Reverse Flair Throw
9) Back to Back Fan
10) Three-Quarter Snake


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