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Jim and Jenell Maranto

Produced by Dance Vision 2008.  Approximately 100 minutes.

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Peabody
1) Basic Right Eight Count Turn
2) Basic Left Eight Count Turn
3) Quick Count Run
4) Lock Steps Forward and Back
5) Right Underarm Turn
Demonstration Figures 1-5

6) Left Underarm Turn
7) Progressive Swivels with Underarm Turn
8) Right Pivots
9) Forward and Back Twinkles
10) Offset Grapevine with Skip
Demonstration Figures 6-10

11) Promenade Grapevine with Hook Turn
12) Fallaway Grapevine
13) Spot Grapevine with Underarm Turn
14) Promenade to Counter Promenade Runs
15) Open Right Turn to Man & Lady’s Underarm Turns
Demonstration Figures 11-15

Dance Demonstration


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