International Standard DVIDA Silver Foxtrot Syllabus

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Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

Produced by Dance Vision 2006. Approximately 147 minutes.


DVD Track List

10. Quick Open Reverse
11. Quick Natural Weave
12. Top Spin (After Feather Finish)
13. Hover Telemark
14A. Natural Twist Turn with Hover Feather Ending
14B. Natural Twist Turn with Closed Impetus & Feather Finish Ending
14C. Natural Twist Turn with Open Impetus Ending
14D. Natural Twist Turn with Natural Weave Ending
Demonstration – Figures 10-14

15. Open Telemark, Natural Turn Outside Swivel with Feather Ending
16. Open Telemark with Feather Ending
17. Open Impetus
18. Weave from Promenade Position
19. Hover Cross
Demonstration – Figures 15-19

20. Closed Telemark
21. Natural Telemark
22. Hover Feather
23. Reverse Pivot
Demonstration – Figures 20-23
Dance Demonstration


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