International Latin DVIDA Silver & Gold Cha Cha Syllabus

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Corky Ballas and Kristina Pchenitchnykh

Produced by Dance Vision 2006. Approximately 134 minutes.


DVD Track List

Silver Level
Cha Cha Chassés
17. Open Hip Twist
18. Reverse Top
19. Opening Out from Reverse Top
20. Spiral
21. Curl
22. Rope Spin
23. Aida
24. Cross Basic
25. Cuban Breaks
26. Chase
Demonstration -Figures 17-26

Gold Level
Methods of Changing Feet
27. Advanced Hip Twist
28. Hip Twist Spiral
29. Turkish Towel
30. The Sweetheart
31. Follow My Leader
Demonstration – Figures 27-31
Dance Demonstration


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