International Latin DVIDA Bronze Samba Syllabus

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Corky Ballas and Kristina Pchenitchnykh

Produced by Dance Vision 2006. Approximately 121 minutes.

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Samba
1A. Natural Basic
1B. Reverse Basic
1C. Side Basic
1D. Progressive Basic
2. Whisks to Left and Right
3A. Promenade Samba Walks
3B. Side Samba Walks
3C. Stationary Samba Walks
4. Rhythm Bounce
5. Volta Movements to Left & Right
6. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward
7. Criss Cross Bota Fogos
Demonstration – Figures 1-7

8. Traveling Bota Fogos Back
9. Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade
10. Criss Cross Voltas
11. Solo Spot Voltas
12. Foot Changes
13. Shadow Traveling Voltas
14. Reverse Turn
15. Corta Jaca
16. Closed Rocks
Demonstration-Figures 8-16
Dance Demonstration


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