“Extreme Swing” – Styling & Technique For East Coast Swing

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Ron Montez assisted by Karla Montez

“Extreme Swing” East Coast Swing – 5 Patterns utilizing advanced rotation and counter-balance techniques. Swing solo-improvement components to be used as solo practice exercises for self improvement and to be included the dance with a partner. This is designed to make you an outstanding swing dancer and create a lot more fun in the process.

Produced by Dance Vision 2007. Approximately 62 minutes.


DVD Track List

1. Extreme Basic Turning Left
2. Extreme Basic Turning Right
3. Underarm Catch and Run
4. Opposition Roll Out
5. Double Underarm Turn, Rotate and Check
Demonstration – Figures 1-5

Solo Improvement Components:
1. Side Tap
2. Knee Rolls
3. Kick Ball-Change
4. Points – Forward and Side
5. Sailor Shuffle
6. Split Foot Pullback
7. Rock, Run, Grapevine and Triple
8. Hip Throw (Boogies Forward and Back)
9. Open Swivels
10. Kick and Cross

Practice Pattern I – Kick Ball Change
Practice Pattern II – Open Swivel
Practice Pattern III – Foot Split Pullback
Practice Pattern IV – Syncopated Points
Dance Demonstration