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Best Value Hands Down!  When you sign up for a year, you save 17%.  Equals just $16.66 a month!

This annual subscription is everything you need to unlock our entire catalog.

Includes: Bronze – Gold American, International, Social & Club Style, Argentine Tango and Country Western Dance Vision Syllabi, plus the Technique,Variation, and Competitor’s library.




This is a must have for the serious dancer!

Bronze – Gold Dance Vision Syllabi, Technique and Variation video libraries! Plus, access to the Dance Vision manuals!

American StyleRhythm & Smooth (Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Bolero, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Merengue, Mambo, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Peabody)

International StyleLatin & Standard (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Watlz)

Social & Club StyleSalsa, Bachata, Hustle, and Night Club Two-Step

Technique Library –  The technique videos will teach you proper foot work, dance positions, connections between partners, body shaping, hip actions, arm styling and many other elements that make you feel and look better when dancing the steps.

Variation Library – The variation videos will show a different way of grouping or mixing steps. Learning advanced patterns will enhance your dancing. Take your dancing to the next level with variations.

Dance Vision Syllabus Manuals –  Rhythm & Smooth, Latin & Standard, Salsa, Hustle, and Night Club Two-Step. The manuals contain an introductory dictionary of dance terminology and fully notated charts describing each step including amount of turn, timing, footwork, foot positions, and more. 

Competitor’s Library – Get tips from champion competitors, find out what judges are looking for and much more!


12 reviews for Elite

  1. Diane Jarmolow

    I am blown away by the amount of material on Dance Vision’s new website and subscription programs. I have always been hungry for new information, and now the 500 + videos available allow me to: view experts express dance concepts, find answers to dance questions, explore dances I don’t ordinarily teach, and reassure myself that I am teaching things correctly with even better methods of teaching.

    Since subscribing, I am making it a habit to look at the available resources before each lesson I teach. This gives me tremendous confidence that I am not only teaching correctly but that I am covering all aspects of the figures and movement.

    I have been a Youtube “addict” searching for material to improve my teaching and dancing but it takes a great deal of effort to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve often been frustrated looking at inferior teaching material, or run out of time and give up. That’s why I love the Dance Vision format. I love how the site is organized, how quickly I can access the videos and manuals from any portable device or desktop, and know with full confidence that the information is of the highest caliber.

    The Dance Vision Subscription Program is saving me time and money and renewing my love and fascination with dancing.

    Thank you Wayne and the entire Dance Vision Team!

    Happy Dance Teacher,
    Diane Jarmolow

  2. starlitersdance (verified owner)

    I just signed up for the “elite plan” for the DVIDA online streaming. WOW I can’t believe I waited this long. This is the best $199.99/yr I have ever spent on anything! My studio has shelves upon shelves of first VHS tapes then DVD’s of DVIDA steps, variations, techniques, etc. I have been ordering ever since you first opened in 1992. Now all of those tapes and DVD’s can be packed nicely in boxes (I will always keep them though) to clear off some shelf space as I am now thrilled to have everything from DVIDA at my fingertips.

  3. Ron Tritto

    “Dancevision’s video streaming service is a real timesaver for the busy dance teacher. You have literally the entire Dancevision video instruction collection at your disposal, along with the manuals and other resources to make you and your staff better teachers. The video library has instructional material presented by some of the best professionals in the industry. One of the things I like most about using the service is the time I save in researching material, not to mention all the space I save by not having to the store all the videos and manuals in my studio”.

    Ron Tritto
    LearnTaDance Dance Studio
    New York

  4. lapins0 (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with all your instructional videos and thorough explanations . I am a dance teacher/choreographer and would like to brush up and deepen my knowledge in ballroom dance. Thanks

  5. rlynxgolfer (verified owner)

    We are totally enjoying Dance Vision. With this and lessons with a certified DVIDA dance instructor we are having great fun learning.


  6. Teena Nichols (verified owner)

    I am amazed and excited with the Dance Vision website and all the help you give teachers. I am sooo blessed to be a part of the Dance Vision Teachers. Thank you for the support you give. The streaming website is fantastic.

    Teena Nichols

  7. rhsondag (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of your streaming service! I have previously bought thousands of dollars of your DVDs, but regardless of my sunk cost, the streaming is wonderfully convenient. I am frequently urging fellow dancers to sign up! I really appreciate that you continue to add some worthwhile content.

    Bob Sondag

  8. rick.linda (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating the Elite subscription. I have been using it since last August and, as a amateur dancer of 12 years, the Elite subscription has rapidly advanced my Silver smooth and rhythm. I was able to learn and perform in competition 15 new Silver Rhythm figures in the past three months. I use the Elite subscription to prepare for lessons with my teacher, so that I can watch the moves over and over again. It’s a very good value when I consider the reduced amount of time (and cost) I spend in my private lessons learning figures.


  9. mjperetz22

    No video on DV has refreshed my passion, knowledge and love of dance more so than your building blocks series with Jim and Jenell. I’ve been dancing for 20 years and you brought back so many memories and feelings of being back in the studio learning all the techniques. How amazing it felt when I first learned to pass my partner, bending and sending and so many other techniques you talk about. Using the dance language, I’m getting such beautiful results from my students. Thank you both so much for giving your passion to an international audience via DanceVision online.

  10. Donald Johnson

    Fabulous App! Love the simplicity of moving from one section to another with a touch of the screen. I show this to our staff and they were so excited. How user friendly this is. Great job!

  11. Julie Tomkins

    “The DVIDA” American Smooth syllabus is first class!
    In my opinion it’s the best option available to expand and develop ones knowledge and understanding of this style of dance at any level, Amateur through to Professional.

    A well balanced and structured syllabi developed with many years of experience and expertise. Th App is superb very user friendly, helpful and informative it offers everything you’ll ever need as a Teacher, Coach or Adjudicator.

    Julie Tomkins
    Former ISTD Dancesport Chairperson

  12. 5 out of 5

    Audrey Umekubo (verified owner)

    Five Stars for this App!
    Everything you need is in one well thought out app.
    It’s easy to use for a quick reference or for new material from the best dancers and teachers in the business.
    Customer service is exceptional.
    Thank you Dance Vision!

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