DVIDA Gold Salsa Syllabus

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Felipe Telona, Jr. and Carolina Orlovsky

LA Style Salsa- Man starts Left foot forward “On 1” for forward break.

Produced by Dance Vision 2013. Approx. 144 minutes.

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DVD Track List

Intro to Dance Position

Intro to Timing

Intro to Cuban Motion

1) Copa with Man’s Hammerlock

2) Copa Back to Back

3) Copa with Belly Wrap

4) The Wrap with Zig Zag

5) Copa to Double Hammerlock

6)Triple Turn

Demonstration of Figures 1-6

7) The Quad Turn

8) Back Spot Turn with Back Roll

9A) Cross Body Lead with Reverse to Ladies Hammerlock

9B) Cross Body Lead to Ladies Triple Turn Hammerlock

10) Hand Flick

Demonstration of Figures 7-10

Freestyle Dance Demo


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