Argentine Tango Vals Volume II

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

This Vals video starts with a clear explanation of Vals musicality in the first volume and continue with a total of 22 figures well suited for this beautiful and endearing Vals music.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 111 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1) Leader’s Cruzada
2) Cambio de Frente with Lápiz
3) Cross System Sacada to Back Ochos and Molinete
4) Cross System Sacada to Boleo and Spiral Cross

Demonstration of figures 1-4 in an improvisational format

5) Tijera to Left Turn
6) Corrida with Ocho Cortado
7) Back Ochos with Leader’s Play
8) Enrosque Right with Gancho & Enganche

Demonstration of figures 5-8 in an improvisational format

9) Back Ocho, Boleos, Giro con Lápiz & Parada
10) Volcada from Back Ochos
11) Continuous Turns to the Right with Sacadas
12) Planeo to Colgada

Demonstration of figures 9-12 in an improvisational format

Dance Demonstration


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