Argentine Tango Vals Volume I

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

Prepare yourself for the Milongas (dance halls) by mastering all three of the Argentine Trio: Tango, Milonga and Vals. Christy Cote & George Garcia?s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. All 10 figures have been created to work beautifully in a waltz rhythm.
The Vals video/DVD starts with a clear explanation of Vals musicality and how the Tango figures are applied to it. As with any type of waltz, the music is played in ¾ time at a slow, medium or fast tempo.

Approximately 1 hr. 10 min.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004

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DVD Track List

Introduction to Argentine Vals – Musicality
1) Progressive Cross System Basic
2) Progressive Cross System Basic with Balanceo
3) Cadencia Turns
4) Ocho Cortado
5) Back Ochos

Demonstration of figures 1-5 in an improvisational format

6) Molinete Right with Ocho Cortado
7) Left Turn with Cadencia
8) Right Turn with Ocho Cortado
9) Revolving Back Ochos
10) Point & Pivot to Outside Partner Left

Demonstration of figures 6-10 in an improvisational format



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