Argentine Tango Strictly Volcadas

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Christy Coté & George Garcia

The Volcada is currently one of the most popular elements of Argentine Tango. This challenging development, which takes the follower out of her vertical axis and “spills” her into a carpa (tent) or “leaning” position, is explored from its simplest form all the way to a Volcada-Colgada combination sure to challenge even the most experienced dancers. 19 figures in all! We recommend Christy & George’s Argentine Tango in Carpa with Volcadas (DATCC122) as the precursor to Strictly Volcadas.

Approx. 104 min. produced 2006

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Introduction/About Volcadas
1) Back Volcada from Back Ochos
2) Back Volcada from Positon 7
3) Back Volcada from Position 7 with Twist in Espejo
4) Triple Back Volcada
5) Back Volcada from Outside Partner Left Sacada
6) Double Back Volcada from Outside Partner Right Sacada
7) Back Volcada from Back Sacada
8) Forward Volcada from Back Ocho & Boleo (on the floor)
9) Forward Volcada from Parada & Barrida
10) Forward Volcada from Outside Partner Left Boleo
11) Forward Volcada from Position 2
12) Forward Volcada with Enganche
13) Forward Volcada from Back Ocho & Boleo (in the air)
14) Forward Volcada & Reverse Volcada from Tijera
15) Re-Volcada
16) Forward Volcada & Trap
17) Forward Volcada, Enganche & Back Volcada
18) Forward Volcada from Boleo with Follower’s Embellishments
19) Forward Volcada from Colgada
Dance Demonstration

Music: Tango en el Mate by Trio Garufa/Track #5 La Bordona


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