Argentine Tango Strictly Ganchos & Enganches

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

Ganchos (hooks) and Enganches (hooking actions) are the quintessential elements of a classic Argentine Tango. These stylish and sometimes playful leg interactions will enhance your Argentine Tango and challenge you with unique and interesting figures including Leader’s Ganchos and Enganches. 17 figures in all!

Produced by Dance Vision 2006. Approximately 88 minutes.

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DVD Track List

Introduction-About Ganchos and Enganches
1) Gancho after Parada on the Left
2) Gancho after Parada on the Right
3) Gancho from Parada, Sandwich, and Pasada
4) Gancho from Back Cross Step of Molinete Left
5) Gancho from Forward Cross Step of Molinete Right
6) Gancho from Over Turned Back Cross Step
7) Surprise Gancho from Cruzada
8) Cadenas with Ganchos
9) Back Sacada & Leader’s Enganche to Follower’s Back Cross Step
10) Enganche in Molinete Right
11) Barrida to Enganche
12) Reverse Parada at Position 4 to Enganche
13) Enganche from Double Planeo & Reverse Parada
14) Enganche from Enrosque
15) Enganche from Back Ocho with Boleo
16) Revolving Enganches
17) Leader’s Enganche from Change of Direction & Follower’s Enganche
Dance Demonstration



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