Argentine Tango Milonguero Style (Close Embrace) Volume II

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

Discover the Tango of the dance halls of Buenos Aires. With Torso to Torso contact you will experience a heightened awareness of connection with your partner, which will improve all of your social dancing. Christy Cote & George Garcia’s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. This  volume offers a generous repertoire of 10 figures and techniques. The instruction is completely in English. Be sure to master the figures from Volume I before proceeding to Volume II.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 60 minutes

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DVD Track List

11) Running Step
12) Point & Pivot
13) Barrida/Enganche
14) Cross System to Outside Partner Left
15) Carpa from Outside Partner Left

Demonstration of figures 11 – 15 in an improvisational format

16) Left Turn with Sacada to Back Ocho
17) Right Turn with Sacada to Back Ocho
18) Volcada
19) Colgada
20) Enganche from Reverse Parada

Demonstration of figures 16 – 20 in an improvisational format


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