Argentine Tango Milonga Volume II

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

This Milonga video offers a total of 30 figures ranging from beginning to advanced which are perfect for the lively, rhythmic Milonga music.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 90 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1) Right Turns
2) Outside Partner Right Syncopations
3) Advancing Syncopations
4) Amagues
5) Progressive Traspies

Demonstration of figures 1 – 5 in an improvisational format

6) Rocking Left Turns
7) Turning Empujadas
8) Traspie with Cruzadas
9) Milonguero Box
10) Walking with Right Turn

Demonstration of figures 6 – 10 in an improvisational format

11) Leader’s Chassé to Cruzada
12) Forward Ochos with Syncopations
13) Empujadas with Salto
14) Forward Ochos with Free Spin
15) Grapevine with Salto

Demonstration of figures 11 – 15 in an improvisational format

Dance Demonstration


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