Argentine Tango Fantasia Volume I

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Christy Coté and George Garcia

Tango Fantasia is Argentine Tango danced for show. Volume 1 includes suggestions for El Encuentro (The Encounter), plus 9 interesting figures to add to your choreography or improvisation and 5 classic finalés to punctuate the end of a great performance.

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 92 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1) El Encuentro
2) Barridas with Mordidas
3) Carpa with Calecita
4) Planeo
5) Leader’s & Follower’s Embellishments
6) Ganchos Left & Right
7) Gancho & Boleo Combination
8) Left Turn with Free Spin
9) Salto & Molinete
10) Enganche to Fan & Boleos
11) Leg Hook Finalé
12) Classic Lunge
13) A-Line Lunge
14) Enganche from Espejo
15) Classic Sentada

Dance Demonstration


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