American Style Smooth Bronze Routines

$49.00 $4.99

Michael Mead and Toni Redpath

Produced by Dance Vision 2014. Approximately 52 minutes.


DVD Track List

1A) Bronze Waltz Routine A
1B) Bronze Waltz Routine B
1C) Bronze Waltz Routine C
2A) Bronze Foxtrot Routine A
2B) Bronze Foxtrot Routine B
2C) Bronze Foxtrot Routine C
3A) Bronze Tango Routine A
3B) Bronze Tango Routine B
3C) Bronze Tango Routine C
4A) Bronze Viennese Waltz Routine A
4B) Bronze Viennese Waltz Routine B
4C) Bronze Viennese Waltz Routine C


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