American Style Smooth DVIDA Bronze Viennese Waltz Syllabus

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Michael Mead and Toni Redpath

Produced by Dance Vision 2014. Approximately 143 minutes.


DVD Track List

Characteristics of Viennese Waltz
1) Balance Steps
2A) Fifth Position Breaks
2B) Fifth Position Breaks with Underarm Turn
3) Reverse Turn
4) Closed Twinkle
5A) Cross Body Lead
5B) Cross Body Lead with Underarm Turn
Demonstration of Figures 1-5
6) Hand to Hand 8:14
7A) Forward Progressive Changes
7B) Backward Progressive Changes
8) Right Turn
9) Change of Places
10) Curtsey and Bow
Demonstration of Figures 6-10
Bonus Figure: 1) Curtsey and Bow Variation
Bonus Figure: 2) Underarm Turns Right and Left
Bonus Figure: 3a) Hesitation Options: Cross Body Lead with Underarm Turn
Bonus Figure: 3b) Hesitation Options: Hand to Hand
Bonus Figure: 3c) Hesitation Options: Swivel & Side Hesitation
Bonus Figure: 3d) Hesitation Options: Swivel & Hesitation
Bonus Figure: 3e) Hesitation Options: Change of Places with Man’s Hesitation
Bonus Figure: 4a) Change of Places Options: Man’s Chasse’
Bonus Figure: 4b) Change of Places Options: Chasse’ with Same Hand Hold
Bonus Figure: 4c) Change of Places Options: With Inside Underarm Turn
Bonus Figure: 4d) Change of Places Options: 1/2 Turn in Place
Open Bronze Freestyle Demo


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