American Smooth Open Silver Foxtrot Variations

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Jim & Jenell Maranto

Jim & Jenell will take steps from other Smooth dances and show you how to add them into your American Style Foxtrot. Before learning a variation, we strongly suggest that you have a firm understanding of the steps and terminology through that level.

Produced by Dance Vision 2007. Approximately 85 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1. Open Right Turn with Underarm Turn (Waltz)
2. Twinkle Connection (Waltz)
3. Check to Open Fallaway (Waltz)
4. Progressive Twinkles (Waltz)
5. Syncopated Viennese Cross Turn (Waltz)
Demonstration – Figures 1-5

6. Flip Flops (Waltz)
7. Oversway & Rondé (Tango)
8. Swivel Fans (Tango)
9. Reverse Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
10. Flairs (V. Waltz)
Demonstration – Figures 6-10



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