American Smooth Open Bronze Foxtrot Technique & Styling

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David Hamilton & Olga Foraponova

Dance with confidence!!! Learning a figure or pattern is just the beginning. In this Foxtrot video, David & Olga will teach you the proper footwork, dance position, lead, follow, arm styling, and many of the other elements that will make you look and feel better. You will have the confidence to dance anywhere in no time!

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 62 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1) Poise, Posture & Position
2) Characteristics of the Dance – Springing Action
3) Characteristics of the Dance – Sway & Rotation
4) How to Create Good Footwork & Balance
5) Foxtrot Basics – Poise, Posture & Position
6) Side Sway & Box to Chassé – Sway
7) Twinkle – Rotation


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