American Rhythm DVIDA Bronze East Coast Swing Syllabus

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Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak

Produced by Dance Vision 2010. Approximately 182 minutes.


DVD Track List

Introduction to East Coast Swing

1) Basic
2) Basic Turning to Right
3) Basic Turning to Left
4) Throw Out
5) (Inside) Underarm Turn

Demonstration of Figures 1 – 5

6) Underarm Release from Basic
7A) Free Spin Tuck-In (from Handshake)
7B) Free Spin Tuck-In (from Double Handhold)
7C) Underarm Tuck-In (from Double Handhold)
8) Alternating Underarm Turns
9) Shoulder Check
10) Cradle

Demonstration of Figures 6 -10

11) Cradle to Hammerlock
12) Sugar Push Throw Out
13) Double Face Loop
14) Opposition Break & Roll Out
15) Whirlpool

Demonstration of Figures 11 -15

Dance Demonstration


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