American Rhythm Bronze Rumba Variations

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Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak

Donald & Kasia will take steps from other Rhythm dances and show you how to add them into your American Style Rumba.

Produced by Dance Vision 2007. Approximately 82 minutes.

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DVD Track List

1) Butterfly (Cha Cha)
2) Check and Circular Walk (Bolero)
3) Romantic Sways (Bolero)
4) Hip Twist and Spin (Bolero)
5) Side Breaks (Mambo)
Demonstration – Figures 1-5

6) Crossover Break and Walk Around Turn (Mambo)
7) Alternating Underarm Turns (Mambo)
8) Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn (Mambo)
9) Back Spot Turn (Mambo)
10) Extended Box (Samba)
Demonstration – Figures 6-10


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