Move Like A Champion Certification

Get DVIDA Certified in Move Like a Champion©

The exam may be taken in parts, to allow you to take a “slow and steady” approach. Here are your three choices:

Type of Exam
ProDVIDA Exam Fees
Estimated Length of Test
Full Exam
Exercises 1-64

1 - 1 1/2 hours

2 Part Exam
Exercises 1-32
Exercises 33-64

1 - 1 1/2 hours

3 Part Exam
Exercises 1-22
Exercises 23-44
Exercises 45-64

1 - 1 1/2 hours

If you decide to take the exam “in sections”, each exam will still be 75- 90 minutes, and the costs for each “section” are the same as if taking the full exam, except for the DVIDA fees ($20 per section).

DVIDA® Certification Exam
“Move Like a Champion®” is a revolutionary system for teaching the “how to move” part of teaching ballroom dancing. It gives a standardized language using simple and fun terms to develop students’ posture, power, alignment, frame, arm styling, and footwork. DVIDA certification is available to teachers who want to master these principles and receive the recognition of this important achievement. Here is how it works:
1. Candidate must first take the 14 hour “Move Like A Champion” training Click here for more information about the training program.
2. Candidate will bring a student who is new to the MLC principles with him or her to the exam. Candidates will be evaluated on his or her ability to teach ten of the sixty four “Move Like a Champion®” exercises to the student. Exercises will be chosen randomly by the Examiner.
3. Candidate is responsible for knowing the anatomy presented in the workshop.

Certification Exam Location
For convenience, each candidate has three options regarding where the examination will be held:
1. In person with Diane or Kasia for 75-90 minutes in a mutually agreed upon location.
2. Via Skype (or similar technology).
3. Send in a DVD of yourself performing the exam. (requires test monitor approved by Examiners)

Click here to view and print a sample Move Like A Champion Exam

Certification Costs
The certification exam will take up to 75 minutes and the flexible location choices are designed to keep costs down. Candidates are responsible for Examiners time ($150), studio rental costs if any (variable), DVIDA Exam Fee ($35), and where applicable: travel costs and exam monitor fee.

For more information or to schedule your exam, call or write to:
Diane Jarmolow at 510-336-9426, or
Kasia Kozak at 646-338-5166,

We are confident “Move Like a Champion” will immeasurably transform your dancing and teaching forever.

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