San Francisco Open Dance Sport Championships

What an interesting experience it has been to see my friends, colleagues, and students from judge’s point of view at San Francisco Open Dance Sport Championships. My sincere congratulations to all dancers I mention below.

The winners of the DanceSport Series A Open Scholarship Standard Pro-am division this year were Elaine Liu and Gary Foster from Hong Kong.
Well deserved first place for Elaine who demonstrated consistency from the first dance in the semi final to the last dance in the final. She was a winner in all 5 dances, produced a beautiful movement, looked confident, well-grounded, and had great awareness of partnering skills. A True Champion!

Runners-up – Francesco Flumiani, Vinie Miller – CA
Very strong and solid partnership. Vinie has a beautiful presentation and a style of her own. She showed nice activity through the back and shoulder line and developed her best shapes in Foxtrot and Waltz. The only criticism would be that in faster dances her shoulders were slightly too high.

3rd place went to Anton Koukareko, Jian Xie – CA
What a great result for Jian, who is an experienced dancer. Jian looked flexible on the floor and demonstrated good energy and power. Body weight has not always been in the right place, sometimes showing through inaccurate footwork. A better presentation would also improve overall performance. But, well deserved placement on the podium.

4th place – Ikaika Dowsett, Stephanie Au – CA
Stephanie is a very elegant lady dancer, representing classical style of Ballroom Dancing. Looking very soft, light, but at the same time not powerful enough, occasionally resulting in a loose look. Stephanie could be more positive in her leg actions to better complement Ikaika.

5th place – Alain Doucet, Irene Lau – QC
Irene dancing with Alain placed 5th in the final. She produced solid performance, keeping up with high energy dancing from Alain. Improved body line, in particular in the neck area, would improve her posture and efficiency of movement.

6th place – Robert Nemiro, Barbara Gore – CA
Great new partnership and improvement for Barbara Gore with a lot of potential. Barbara had a very clean line, however looked a little stiff. Relaxing upper body would make her more soft and powerful.

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