Heritage Classic Professional Standard

Heritage Classic Professional Standard 2010

Saturday night at the Heritage was a very good night. As well as the Professional Standard, we were treated to an excellent Professional Rhythm and an exciting show by World Exhibition Champions, Victor DeSilva and Hanna Kartunnen. They performed two numbers, a new piece never before seen and then their very famous "Gladiator" What a fabulous show.The Professional Standard had 3 rounds to start and the semi-final proved to be a very tough round to select the ongoing six. To be totally honest it could have been a different line-up.In the final, Igor Litvinov and Julia Ivleva showed plenty of class to take the event, winning all dances. In second place from Canada, Anton and Anna Borshch. Very tall and strong in their movement but lacking in musicality and technique at times. Third place went to Andrea Faraci and Iveta Paurvte. This couple have been improving over the last year and they continued by putting in another good performance. New to the profession from Canada, Richard Tonizzo and Claire Hansen were placed fourth. Another tall, striking couple but uncontrolled at times. Andrey and Yuliya Klinchik placed fifth. Once again a fairly good night for them, always strong and full of movement. Completing the final, in sixth pace, Dimitrijus and Erica Sazinas. Basically dancing with good technique but maybe a little subdued on this occasion. I always expect more from this couple.

I think that anyone watching would agree that apart from the winners, the end result could have come out in a variety of different combinations. But then I suppose that describes just about every competition ever held!

Susan Puttock

Former United States Standard Champions

Co-Organizer Nevada Star Ball