International Latin At The California Open - Report By Melissa Dexter

California Open 2010

The energy was electrifying in the ballroom on Saturday night which made it exciting for everyone, who was there, whether you were watching, judging or dancing.

There were 12 couples that danced so we were treated to a semi final and final. Making the final this year at the California Open 2010 were:

First Place: Roman Kutskyy and Anna Kovalova taking 1st in all dances.
Second Place: Daniele Gozzi and Cecilia Giovacchini: taking 3rd in Cha-Cha and 2nd in all other dances.
Third Place: Pavlo Barsuk and Natalia Barantseva: taking 2nd in Cha- Cha and 3rd in all other dances.
Fourth Place: Roman Italyankin and Olga Kordevich: taking 4th in all dances.
Fifth Place: Marcus Johnson and Yuki Haraguchi: Taking 5th in Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive and 6th in Paso.
Sixth Place: Jacob Zeglen and Joanna Siekierska: taking 6th in Cha-Cha, Samba,Rumba,Jive and 5th in Paso.

Roman and Anna gave a very clear, strong and consistent performance. As you could tell they were the clear winners in the eye’s of the judges. However I did feel their dancing was lacking a bit on WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the showmanship side tonight.

Daniele and Cecilia are great performers from the waist up They know how to give you that WOW with the upper body. Now it would be wonderful to see that WOW from the waist down. There are many moments in their dancing when the energy of the upper body is too much for the lower body to handle.

Pavlo and Natalia were on tonight. In watching they always gave you the feeling that they were present in their performance. They had balance in their presentation which made them a very competitive couple this evening.

Roman and Olga, you never can say they lack power. They are always going for it, which is a great thing. However, to be an excellent dancer you must be able to shift the energy you are using into other sensations. If they could do that I know they would be challenging the couples in front of them.

Marcus and Yuki are a beautiful couple to watch on the floor with their long legs and slender bodies. When I watch them dance I feel that they have so much they want to say with their bodies through their dancing but somewhere in the movement it gets lost so overall there is never and clear statement being danced. Just go for it!

Jacob and Joanna danced well tonight in all 5 dances. The next step would be to make some stronger choices about the delivery of their dancing and make sure it comes out loud an clear during competition. Remember variety is the spice of life.