Victor Fung & Anna Mikhed

Mikhed, Victor Fung & Anna Victor Fung & Anna Mikhed

Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed formed their professional dancing partnership in November 2003. Anna, originally from Belarus, and Victor, an American by birth, represent America in many prestigious Ballroom Dancing Competitions throughout the world.

Victor and Anna have become one of the most exciting and fastest growing Ballroom Dancing couples today. They have been regarded as the couple to watch because of their quick and recent successes. After only two months of dancing together they were able to win the United Kingdom Professional Rising Stars Standard Championships, a title which holds much prestige and honor. In addition, six months into their partnership they won one of the most illustrious achievements within the Ballroom Dancing industry, the British Open Professional Rising Stars Standard title.

Their perfectly matched body structures and complementary personalities make them one of the most attractive Ballroom Dancing couples today. Such qualities they possess coupled with their energy and enthusiasm captivates those around them wherever they go. Victor and Anna certainly are one of the brightest and most talented Professional Standard couples in today’s modern era.