Michele Lyn

Michele is a natural beauty, charismatic, talented, intelligent, funny and she really does love being in front of the camera. But what really sets her apart from all the rest is that Michele is humble in her beauty, true of heart, her morals are non-negotiable and she has an rigid sense of integrity that can be seen a mile off. What else could you want in one package?

If that wasn?t clear enough, let?s say that she looks like a cross between Catherine Zeta Jones, a slender Delta Burke and a young Elizabeth Taylor. Take those looks and combine them with her ability to take on the crazy antics of a Goldie Hawn pretending to be the classic ?dumb blonde,? or a little of Cher?s capacity for sarcastic ?tongue in cheek? humor. On the other hand, she has the capacity to switch in a milli-second to a level of seriousness and genuinely deep intelligence that would rival an Oprah or a Barbara Walters. Last, let?s throw in the moral code of Joan of Arc for good measure. All of the women mentioned above stand out in the most crowded of rooms and they command respect with every step they take. So does Michele. This phenomenon is not something these women strive for, it just happens because of who and what they are.

Michele started her career in entertainment like all little girls with jazz, tap and ballet lessons, but she decided to add in drama and cheerleading to round things out. She stuck with all of it, even as a cheerleader through her college years where, of all things, she graduated Suma cum Laude and then went on to get her Juris Doctorate from law school and an LL.M. (Masters of Law) in Taxation. Most aspiring actors and dancers wait tables, do telephone sales or tend bar. Michele decided to be different, and about twelve years ago, she opened her own law practice! She has a successful and respected practice in Encino, California. It has even been seriously suggested that she should consider a bench appointment! Imagine that! Beauty, brains and integrity! What?ll they think of next?

Michele has a commanding presence in any arena, whether in the capacity of dance instructor, motivator of crowds and, of course, as a professional performer and actor. Her happy attitude and ability to quickly adapt to any changes a director or choreographer might want makes her a joy to work with. For example, she has the unique ability to be the ?Mom?s apple pie ? all American girl? one minute and the next minute be the sultry vixen and three minutes after that she?s the brunette playing the ?dumb blonde named Bambi? routine. That kind of flexibility in one individual is both unique and extremely entertaining because if Michele is in a mischievous mood and feels like having a little harmless fun with you at your expense, you never really know who your talking to. Part of this talent is a result of her having trained with some of the best coaches in drama and dance the world has to offer. The other reason for this awesome ability is it?s just the way she is naturally.

In addition to all the above, Michele is also a downhill skier, rollerskater, swimmer and a proficient kazoo player! Next, she has set her sights at becoming an expert snow angel artist. (How weird is that?)

Michele is the refreshing, one of a kind person we hear about but rarely have the opportunity to get to know. She?s the way she is because of her zest for living life to fullest and her rigid adherence to her philosophy that her cup is always half full and on it?s way to being a cup that runneth over, not a cup half empty. All of this makes Michele a much needed breath of fresh air no matter what capacity she fills in your life. What?s important here for you?is that she is in your life!