Benefits of an Instructor Membership

As a global leader in ballroom education, the Dance Vision Instructor Membership helps you be limitless in your dance career.


Benefits of an Instructor Membership

New, and just for you! Within our period of massive expansion, we are refreshing our American Style Syllabi (it’s similar, but more succinct), improving certification processes (navigate the journey with ease), and creating increased value for our instructors in the ballroom dance industry.

As a Dance Vision Certified Instructor, you’ll be equipped with the materials and support necessary to foster growth as a person, and an educator. The bottom line? If you’re an instructor, or an instructor-in-training, belonging to our association helps you be limitless in your dance career. 

What Our Instructor Membership Includes

Access the Digital Library

Our Digital Library is a great resource for teaching—access Dance Vision video syllabi and video lessons on technique, drills, dance fitness, and more, to plan your lessons or grow your own dancing. Also available in the library are Dance Vision Syllabi text manuals from Bronze to Gold, across most styles.

Participate in Live Q&As, Webinars, and More

Pick the brains of  fellow instructors, dancers and industry professionals. 

Attend Events

Our second Dance Vision National Championships is open to Dance Vision Instructors, their partners and students. Attend camp-style dance classes and business workshops for free.

Get Rewarded

Sharing is caring—we will be rewarding our instructors who share Dance Vision most often with their students and peers. 

Be Certified

An Instructor Membership lets you purchase exams and access helpful resources for the certification process—plus, new exam study guides are coming soon! Learn more on the benefits of certification or continual certification.

Acquire Students

Now on Dance Vision, student members can search for Dance Vision Certified Instructors when they’re in need of in-person lessons.

Are you ready to be limitless in your career with us?