Ashly Delgrosso

Delgrosso, Ashly Ashly Delgrosso


  • Holiday Rising Star Champion

  • Rising Star World Professional Latin Championship Semi-Finalist

  • United States Rising Star Professional Latin Champion Finalist

  • 2 x US Youth Ten Dance Champion

  • Amateur Ten Dance Champion

  • US Youth Standard Champion
  • In Season 1, Ashly partnered musician and ex-New Kid On The Block Joey McIntyre to come in third. In Season 2 she and Master P came in seventh.

    Ashly grew up in Utah as one of a family of eight kids (6 girls and 2 boys). Ashly's mother, a keen dancer herself, owns a local dance studio so it was only natural that Ashly started dancing as soon as she could walk. All of Ashly's siblings, save for one brother, are also keen dancers.

    Growing up, dancing was as natural for Ashly as walking and talking. At the age of 12 Ashly discovered ballroom dancing. She trained in both and, won a number Amateur Ten Dance titles with her amateur partner Jonathan Gulledge.

    What Ashly loves about Latin dancing is the "passion and charisma." She thinks the chemistry between a couple is crucial "because if you don't have the chemistry you're just dancing as two different people and not as a couple."

    As a professional dancer, Ashly partnered Rick Robinson with whom she won the Holiday Rising Star Champion title, as well as reaching the Semi-Finalist round in the Rising Star section of the Ballroom world's biggest competition in Blackpool England.