Michelle Kinkaid

Michelle is known for her smooth, interactive dance style. She is a three-time U.S. Open Classic Division Winner as well as winner of the U.S. Open Jack & Jill and many other titles including two-time winner of the Phoenix Champion of Champions.

In addition to running her own studio, organizing & directing the Mountain Magic Swing Dance Convention (Lake Tahoe, NV), producing a line of instructional video tapes (in west coast swing, hustle & night club two step), and directing several local events, Michelle travels the USA and Euorpe teaching, competing, and judging on both the Swing and Country circuits.

Michelle is a Feather Award recipient for Best Classic Swing Dancer, was voted “Queen of Swing” at the 1994 National New Year’s Dance Championships in Dallas, and inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame.


This instructor is associated with the following syllabi:

Beginning-Intermediate Hustle

West Coast Swing Beginning-Intermediate Patterns


This instructor is associated with the following technique:

West Coast Swing Technique & Styling For Women