Maxi Copello

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During his childhood, tango was a part of Maxi´s everyday life. He would follow his father to the theaters, and sit in the soundbooth, watching the show with awe and admiration. After the show, Copello would to take him to eat pizza at the restaurant “Tio Felipe” where he would listen enthralled as the old milongueros shared their stories, until he could no longer keep his eyes open and he slowly drifted to sleep surrounded by the smokey air and the sound of laughter.

As a teenager, he dedicated most of his time to studying movie direction. Initially, tango was just a family anecdote. However, little by little, his interest took him to start watching his father’s videos, and then trying himself what he was observing. This way curiosity, or genes, were stronger than him and he began taking secret classes, skipping his sports training.

Between childhood stories, cinema, sport and some videos, his biggest passion developed and took over his life.