David Hamilton

David Hamilton began his dance career at the age of 18 during his last semester of high school in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Planning to go to college and major in music, the dancing began. He laid the instruments down and hasn’t stopped dancing since.  In 1993, he finally came back to his roots and

competed the last 7 years of his career in the American Smooth division where he was crowned the United States Champion in 1995 with Teresa Shiry

David Hamilton invited Olga Foraponova to dance with him in 1996 and the American Smooth style was changed forever!  Twice Olga and David were the US representatives to the World Showdance Competition in Baden-Baden, Germany (1997 and 1998). Olga and David have appeared many times on the national PBS Show, “Championship Ballroom Dancing.” Olga and David were invited to dance in the World Cup Ballroom event in the Kremlin Palace organized by Stanilav Popov. This event was televised by NTV+ – one of the most popular Russian TV channels with a viewership of approximately 100,000,000 in Russia as well as Europe and the United States.

Other titles include three time World Showdance finalist and 68 National Dance Council Championship events. David resides in his hometown of Nashville, TN, where he co-owns and operates Dance World of Nashville. David is registered with the World Dance Council as an adjudicator for World Championships and is registered with the National Dance Council of America to adjudicate nationally recognized dance championships.