Christy Coté

Christy Coté began her career as a Ballroom Dance instructor for Arthur Murray Dance Studios in San Francisco. 18 years later she saw the stage show Forever Tango which changed her dance life forever. She has now been teaching, performing and choreographing Argentine Tango since 1996. Her teaching method has been published in the Dance Vision Argentine Tango manuals which are complimented by a series of 21 instructional videos with partner, George Garcia. Christy’s popular Tango Boot Camps have attracted thousands of students since 2007.

Christy’s approach to the dance has always been cutting edge with respect to the traditions of the dance and its culture.  This has earned her great respect from the the mostly Argentine  community of Tango professionals. Christy is one of the featured teachers and performers for CITA, the annual International Tango Congress in Buenos Aires and in 2012 she became the first ever American judge for the Official USA Tango Championships, an annual event sanctioned by the Argentine Government.

Christy is also one of the founding members, co-director and choreographer of the all female tango company, Tango Con*Fusion created in 2004. The company has performed across the U.S. and in Buenos Aires to rave reviews.
Christy is based in San Francisco where she teaches weekly classes at La Pista and Boot Camps at various locations around the Bay Area.

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This instructor is associated with the following variations:

Argentine Tango Milonga Volume I

Argentine Tango Vals Vol I

Argentine Tango Milonguero Style (Close Embrace) Vol I

Argentine Tango Milonguero Style (Close Embrace) Vol II

Argentine Tango Milonga Vol II

Argentine Tango Vals Volume II

Argentine Tango Fantasia Volume I

Argentine Tango Fantasia Volume II

Argentine Tango The Art of Improvisation

Argentine Tango In Carpa with Volcadas

Argentine Tango Strictly Volcadas

Argentine Tango Strictly Colgadas

Argentine Tango Strictly Ganchos & Enganches

Argentine Tango Strictly Boleos

Argentine Tango Strictly Sacadas

Milonga – Ney Melo & Christy Cote

The Recipe for Success on the Dance Floor- Marcelo Molina & Christy Cote

Spice up the Recipe – Marcelo Molina & Christy Cote

Combination 1. Carpa in Calesita to Spiral Cross or Cross System Basic

Combination 2. Back Ocho & Boleo, Volcada & Sacada to Deep Back Cross to the Open Side

Combination 3: “The Spoon” to Forward Colgada to Volcada, Enganche & Deep Back Cross to the Closed Side Plus One More Volcada

Combination 4: Stops and Walk Arounds to Reverse, Boleo, Enganche & Paradas

Combination 5: Forward & Side Planeos with Embellishments and Parada

Combination 6: Reverse Back Ochos, Sacada in Left Turn & Cross System Rock

Combination 7: Cambio de Frente to Traveling Molinetes with Sacadas and Rebound

Combination 8: Rebound Back, Patadita with Gancho

Combination 9: Inside Turn Soltada, Molinete Soltada, Outside Turn Soltada

Combination 10: Back Colgadas from Barrida and from Back Cross Step in Right Turn

Combination 11: Inside Cadenas & Outside Cadenas with Gancho

Combination 12: Arrepentida in Cross System to Back Sacada to the Follower’s Side Step & Boleo Plus: Back Boleo

Combination 13: Backward Inline Boleo, Forward Inline Boleo & The “Curly”

Combination 14: Back Sacada in the Follower’s Back Cross Step to Follower’s Back Sacada & Enganche + Bonus: Soltada

Combination 15: Soltada with Follower’s Back Sacada & Barrida to Side Colgada in Left Turn

Combination 16: Molinete with Lápiz & Sacada, Reverse Barrida to Spinning Side Colgada

Combination 17: Check Boleo to Double Enganche & Back Boleo to Double Enganche


This instructor is associated with the following techniques:

Argentine Tango Follower’s Technique

Argentine Tango Leader’s Technique