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Bob Powers

Bob Powers was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Arizona in 1977.  He started dancing at the age of 17 after seeing the movie Saturday Night Fever. He soon started teaching in an Arthur Murray Studio in Scottsdale, AZ at the age of 18 after being spotted in a local night club by a studio owner. Over the next 15 years he taught, supervised and managed the largest Arthur Murray studio in a chain of 288 studios in Phoenix while training, practicing and competing with a number of different partners.

Bob met Julia Gorchakova in St. Petersburg, Russia while he was doing a tour with his former partner and a group of fellow American dancers’ weeks after the fall of the Iron Curtain. He decided to forgo his plan of owning and operating the #1 studio in the Arthur Murray organization in order to pursue his competitive dance career after realizing the potential of the partnership. Bob had been ranked as high as fourth in the US with two other partners but, never won a major championship until teaming up with Julia. Within one and half years Bob and Julia had started winning competitions and ended the year with the title of US Champions.

Over the years the two have traveled throughout the US and abroad teaching, lecturing, competing and performing shows. They have toured and performed in China, Germany, Japan, Holland, France, England, Mexico, and Canada. To maintain their high level of fitness they ran, lifted weights, did Core Rhythms, and worked with a personal strength and stretching coach. Their dance training has come mainly from Julia’s mother and Rick Valenzuela, the co-star of the hit movie “Dance with Me” starring Vanessa Williams. As well, they were trained by Paul Killick and Taliot and Marina Tarsonov.

Bob Powers and his partner Julia Gorchakova are 12 time undefeated US American Rhythm Champions as well 3 time World Mambo Champions and hold the record for the most United States Championships ever held by a couple. In 1998 they were finalist in the World Showdance Championships in Holland.

Bob is currently a traveling coach, consultant and ballroom adjudicator. They are owners and developers of Core Rhythms, an aerobic Latin dance fitness program sold throughout the world. Core Rhythms became one the top selling video fitness programs in the US and has achieved great success throughout Europe and Asia.

Today Julia runs a very successful dance dress shop in Scottsdale called Artistry in Motion and Bob owns the Arthur Murray Studio in Mesa, AZ; a very successful studio in the chain.  They still love to workout, hike, travel around the world and spend time with their beautiful Golden doodles; Rocky & Rikki.